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Online Learner Workshop on Blackboard

Online Learner Workshop

The Online Learner Workshop is an introduction to the Blackboard Learning Management System. Blackboard is where your online courses are hosted. Statistics indicate that students who complete the Online Learner Workshop have a 20% higher success rate in online classes than students who have not completed the workshop.

All students must successfully complete the Online Learner Workshop before registering for your first Internet or hybrid course, unless a grade of C or higher has been earned in an Course delivery is 100% online. Internet (IN) or Course delivery is 50% online and 50% classroom. Hybrid (HY) course at College of the Mainland.

How to register

You can register for the Online Learner Workshop online through WebAdvisor, or in person at the Registration office in the Admissions Building.

  • If you are a Credit student please Search & Register for a WBCT (Subject) 1003 section.
  • If you are a Continuing Education student, please contact the CE Department to register.

Access Information

Access to the Workshops is not immediate upon registration. The registration database must update information on the Blackboard system. Review the table below to compare the time of your enrollment and the time you will have access to Blackboard and your course.

Blackboard Course Access Timetable Effective June 17, 2014
Register between 3:00 AM and  7:00 AM— Will get access to Blackboard section by 10:00 AM
Register between 7:00 AM and  9:00 AM — Will get access to Blackboard section by 12:00 PM
Register between 9:00 AM and  11:00 AM — Will get access to Blackboard section by 2:00 PM
Register between  11:00 AM and 1:00 PM — Will get access to Blackboard section by 4:00 PM
Register between  1:00 PM and 5:00 PM — Will get access to Blackboard section by 8:00 PM
Register between  5:00 PM and 3:00 AM — Will get access to Blackboard section by 6:00 AM

Logging into Blackboard

  • You will need your WebAdvisor User name and your seven digit COM ID to log in.

If you need to retrieve your WebAdvisor user name or COM ID, go to WebAdvisor, click on What's My User ID / COM ID? link (do not log into WebAdvisor) and follow the instructions.

If you have forgotten your 7 digit COM ID number, you can find it in several locations. The number would have been sent to you in your initial Welcome letter when you applied for admittance to the college. It also appears on your COM photo ID card under your picture, and on your printed class schedule or receipt.

  • Click on the Blackboard link at the top of this web page to log in.

After logging in, you can click on your course located in the My Courses module:

My Dashboard My Courses Module

Workshop Overview

The free workshop will familiarize you with navigating, viewing content and communicating in Blackboard. You will also be able to practice certain tasks, such as posting to a Discussion board, submitting an assignment, and taking a quiz.

Course Material:

  • Read Me First
  • Syllabus
  • Four Learning Modules

Gradable Tasks:

  • Assignment 1 - Post to the Discussions Forum.
  • Assignment 2 - Create & Submit a simple Word document.
  • Assignment 3 - Copy & Paste text into a Word document.
  • Two Quizzes

Technical Requirements:

  • Allow pop-ups from the Blackboard server on your web browser. For instructions, read How can I tell if my Pop-up Blocker is interfering? in the Distance Education Knowledge Base.
  • Internet connection (highspeed, broadband, cable or DSL is recommended. *Wireless (Wi-Fi) connections are not recommended for test taking.
  • A computer with Java installed.
  • Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers for accessing the Blackboard Learn server. Please visit and Google for to download.
  • For technical issues, visit the Distance Education Support Center and review the Knowledge Base or Submit a Ticket.